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Surely not another tech blog

September 29, 2022

1 min read


Creating a blog has been in the forefront of my mind for as long as I can remember. As usual, life just always seemed to keep getting in the way and if it wasn't that I would keep telling myself that I just didn't have enough engaging content.

Anyway, here we are - I've worked in tech for 10 years at this point, so I must have something positive to contribute?

I built this site as quickly as possible using Gatsby and AWS Amplify and spent the smallest amount of time possible to get it out the door, an MVP or even a POC I guess. As long as I can write about my personal experiences with code and more importantly embed code and have it formatted nicely then that's enough for me.

// @ todo - write some code.

I hope you find this project useful and hope that I can keep it up.

If you would like some help to create your own blog then please check out the following links below: